DIY Dog Seat Belt for Keeping Fido Safe in the Car
  • Dog Harness
  • Locking D-Shaped Climbing Carabiner
  1. Put the harness snugly on your dog, and walk him to your car.
  2. Unclip your leash and clip the carabiner ring to the melt d rings of your dog’s harness.
  3. Buckle the seat belt behind your dog. Adjust the seat belt so that the lap and chest straps are touching. Slide both the lap and chest belts into the carabiner ring and lock. Adjust the seat belt to remove any slack.
  4. Your dog is now buckled in. Your dog will be able to move around some just like you can when you wear a seat belt, but in the case of an accident the seat belt’s safety features should kick in and the seat belt should lock.
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